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Independent Practitioners


Fiona Dowling Pilates

I'm Fiona - I am a Pilates Teacher, Physiotherapist and Endurance Athlete. Originally from Ireland, now residing in Christchurch, New Zealand. A curiosity to explore and love of travel lead me to packing my bags and moving to New Zealand. This was 10 years ago and I'm happy to say that it has been a full 10 years with plenty of growth and experience. 


I balance working as a Physiotherapist with endurance training for Multisport competitions, such as the Coast to Coast. Where I have podium 3 times in the Longest Day Event. In the past 18 months I have added a passion for Pilates to this list! Whilst broadening my Physiotherapy skills, I started to delve into the wonderful world of Pilates. Recognizing how valuable it would be to me in my own sporting life and seeing the value it adds to so many populations, I decided to start my own Pilates journey and now teach group and private classes in Christchurch, as well as online classes available to any location in New Zealand.  


My 10+ years experience as a Physiotherapist along with my sporting background, gives me a wonderful platform to deliver Pilates to people in all walks of life. I truly believe Pilates is for everyone and has a key benefit for sports people wanting to prevent injuries and improve performance, people rehabilitating from injury or illness, those with sedentary jobs or older adults needing to improve balance and flexibility. 


Pilates can be a key addition to managing and recovering from any health problem you might be experiencing and a positive tool to help you rehabilitate to a stronger healthier you!   

Credentials: BSc Physiotherapy (Hons) | APPI Trained Mat Pilates Instructor | Tri NZ Foundation Level Coach Accreditation 

What I offer: 

  • Online assessments or private classes (ideal for those living outside of the Christchurch area) 

  • Online group classes (delivered in blocks based on interest)     

  • Weekly Group Classes (Central Christchurch location)

  • Private or small group classes (Central Christchurch location) 

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The Lifestyle Block


Haere mai and welcome to our home, to our place of wellness.

Here at The Lifestyle Block, we build strong bodies, unconquerable minds, and unwavering humans.

Use the code IMPWeds and get 25% off our packages!

We are Hamish and Heather, two passionate movement practitioners that dedicate our lives to sharing

our knowledge and expertise with our community.


We live in the beautiful heart of Clyde, in sunny Central Otago, and have converted our double garage into a fully-equiped, state of the art, functional fitness studio.


We offer private personal training, small group training, and online programmes along with Heat/Cold/Breath exposure experiences. Our offerings are completely personalised and truly unique based on the principles of Foundational Movements for Life and Wellness.

Our kaupapa is more than fitness, it is a vehicle to guide and empower you towards your highest expression! We believe every "body" has the right and ability to MOVE freely and without limitation.

Let us show you the true joy and freedom that movement provides...unlock your potential!

Welcome to your new education. Your journey starts here.

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