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Books, websites and documentaries

Food for thought!


Dr Michael Greger MD
How not to Die-How not to Diet

Dr Cauldwell Esselstyn MD
Prevent and Reverse Heart disease and cook book

T.Colin Campbell
The China Study Whole-Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

Dr Dean Ornish MD
Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversins heart Disease

Dr Neal Barnard MD
Your Body in Balance Reversing Diabetes Power Foods for the Brain

Cyrus and Robbie
Prevent and Cure Diabetes

Dr Gemma Newman,UK GP
The Plant Power Doctor

Dr John A.McDougall MD
The Starch Solution

Team Drs Sherzie, Phychiatrists
The Alzheimers solution

Dr Joel FuhrmanMD
Feed your Kids Right Eat to Live

Michael Pollan
In Defense of Food -an eaters manifesto

Dr David Katz MD
The Truth about Food

Andrea S.Wiley
ReImaginging Milk-cultural and Biological perspectives

DR Rangan Chatterjee
How to make Disease disappear

Dr Reshma Shahma,Brenda Davis
Nourish: The Definitive Plant based Nutrition Guide for families

Dr David Katz,Cardiologist
The truth About Food

Dr Alan Desmond,Gastroenterologist
The Plant based Diet Revolution

Dr Dan Bulsiewicz, Gastroenterologist
Fibre Fuelled

David Klein PhD
Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s

Dr John Kelly
Stop Feeding your Cancer

NZ/Australian -Focused

James Wilson

Plant Paradigm

John D. Potter-
Thought for food -Why what we eat matters (BTW texts)

Wholefood Living Magazine - Quarterly subscription NZ



Physical Activity

Caroline Williams
MOVE -The New Science of Body Over Mind 

Food for Thought on Habits and Behaviour

Bruce H.Lipton PhD
The Biology of Belief

James Clear
Atomic Habits

BJ Fogg PhD
Tiny habits

Alan Deutschman
Change or Die

Doug Lisle
The Pleasure trap


Forks over Knives
information, recipes and books

Doctors for Nutrition
information, resources, recipes, practitioner listing

UK Plant Based Health Professionals
webinars, videos, information, resources

T.Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies
eCornell Certificate in Plantbased Nutrition

Dr Michael Greger
Up to date critical analysis of current nutrition research

Dr Neal Barnard
Multiple resources patients, medical practitioners and students for effecting healthy lifestyle change

NZ/Australian focussed

Dr Nick Wright and Morgan Smith
videos, guidance, information

Dr Malcolm Mackay and Jenny Cameron
information, events, retreats


Forks Over Knives- free to stream from their website

What the Health

Game changers-available on Netflix

Code Blue-available on Amazon Prime

That Sugar Film-available on Amazon prime

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