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Keep on track and live the

best life....for you!

Work with Liz and one of our team of affiliated health coaches to help keep you on track and living the best life for you.

Personal Coaching

  • Why take the coach approach to your health?
    Coaching offers an approach to personal change that has YOU in the driver’s seat of your health .It offers a non-judgemental, collaborative, solution-focussed space where YOU get to say what is important to YOU about your health and wellbeing so as to create a compelling vision of how YOU want this area of your life to be in the future. It is a results-oriented, systematic, evidence-based way of learning which develops your health and wellbeing in ways that are important to you. Once you connect with what you value about changing for the better, you can tap into your signature strengths and choose to adopt new ways of being and behaving. The rest is easy-it’s just focus and practice- and it can be enormously satisfying, empowering and FUN!
  • Why choose me as your health coaching?
    I believe that change for the better is possible for anyone. I believe in YOU. I can draw on my unique blend of coaching skills from sport, life coaching and Neuro-linguistic programming .I can also put on my expert hat if required. As a health professional I can add over 30 years of experience to my knowledge of lifestyle medicine and whole food plant-based nutrition with communication skills to support YOU on your journey to your BEST life .
  • Who can benefit from health coaching?
    Anyone and everyone who wants to improve an aspect of their health and wellbeing no matter what their starting point. Perhaps you struggle with low energy? Perhaps you have an underlying chronic disease or excess body weight? Or perhaps your health might be singing nicely in some areas but there are other areas where there is still some work to do? Coaching starts wherever YOU are at right now. It leverages off your past successes (however small) utilises your strengths to set large and small goals which inspire you. We help YOU to get into action in ways which you choose that lead you towards your health vision.
  • What are the domains of health that impact on our vitality?
    In lifestyle medicine these are defined as nutrition, physical activity, sleep, emotional vitality, stress management, spirituality and connection to others . All of these areas impact on our physical and/or emotional vitality and any of these may be areas for you to develop.
  • What does the process consist of and how long does it take?
    Each coaching contract is usually for three months. Once I have collected some basic details and we have completed and signed an agreement, you will be invited to complete a wellbeing assessment online. This provides a more complete picture of all the domains of your health and shows what’s working well and what is not. It provides a learning experience to help define which area(s) you might choose to upgrade. Following this is a 60-90 min call by phone or online platform where we explore your learning and insights from the survey and discover what it is you might want to work on. You will be supported to generate a compelling vision of how you would like your future self to be in terms of health and wellbeing. We then work together to set a three-month specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound (SMART) goal which is consistent with the inspiring vision of your future self you have created. I support you with a weekly 30-45min call to review progress and generate new, or refine existing, smaller weekly SMART goals.
  • What does this cost?
    The cost in 2021 is $1200 payable in a lump sum before undertaking the wellbeing assessment or can be paid in 3 monthly instalments of $450. From time to time I offer free scholarships to help people who otherwise might find finance a barrier
  • What you get?
    Your hands on the steering wheel of your health, and a more vibrant healthy you! Email summary after each session A take-home Wellbeing assessment Initial 60-90min call Weekly 30-45min follow ups Three months of support Final summary and vision for 'where to from here' Appropriate resources

How do I find out if this is for me?

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Read "what is wellness coaching?

Email me to set up a free 15min phone call to see if I am a good fit for you and if health coaching is likely to deliver what you are wanting to achieve for your health and wellbeing.

"Liz brings her education, professionalism and wide expanse of life experience to her coaching. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Liz in the area of Life Coaching. I have found her coaching to be extremely valuable and it has facilitated my developing new skills to apply in various areas of my life.  Liz has an open, compassionate and on-task approach to her coaching. This has helped direct me towards real change in the areas of importance to me. If you are looking to make real progress towards a life you value, then I would highly recommend coaching with Liz."


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