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Lifestyle and plant-based nutrition medical consults to help you apply targeted lifestyle changes personalised to your circumstances.


Learn about how lifestyle changes could modify, reverse or even cure your condition. This is a great way to make sure that the changes you make are targeted to best results for you and get off to a good start on your journey to health.

You can make an appointment for an on-line consult by contacting us via email.

2021 Introductory Rates 

Dr Martyn Cosultation

Impact Your Health With Dr Martyn

 60 mins


Medical consultation to learn how you can impact your health, disease or chronic condition with a nutritional approach.


  • pre-consult health survey

  • post consult summary of discussion

  • agreed action points

Followup appointments 30mins $110

Couples consult rates and duration by arrangement 

Transitioning to Whole Food Plant Based nutrition coaching

 60 mins


Would you like to improve your health by eating healthier but don't know where to start-its a world full of confusing contradictory nutrition advice !?

Have you tried many different diets without experiencing lasting change?

What is the healthiest way to eat ?

Is it safe to eat only plants ?!

The EatLancet commission (2019) was charged with answering just that question recently and concluded that a diet rich in whole plant foods was optimal for human health. The American and Canadian Dietetic Associations together agree that well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and also for athletes.

Co-incidentally they are good for the planet too - so that's a win-win!

Nevertheless there is a lot of confusion and mis-information out there about food . We offer evidence based advice over diet and nutrition which can improve your health no matter where on the spectrum of healthy eating you currently are. Eating more whole plant foods can prevent, treat or even reverse many of today's chronic diseases.Whether you are a busy mum just wanting to give your kids the best start in their health, someone struggling for energy, battling overweight, wanting to give yourself the best chance of beating or avoiding the heart disease or the diabetes that runs in your family-or even an octogenarian wanting to get the most out of your later years or an athlete seeking that performance edge -then this is for you!

This is a practical 'How to 'coaching with tips and tricks and resources to re-engineer your personal food environment to set you up for long term success.

Choose health!



  • Preliminary completion of a questionnaire to identify current status on the healthy eating spectrum ,desired goals and changes you would like to make

  • 60mins one-on-one consultation by zoom or phone

  • 20mins follow up 2 weeks later to review changes made and brainstorm further useful ones

Consult plus coaching bundle


This is a popular combination that allows peace of mind over making significant dietary changes safely especially if you are already unwell, on medication, pregnant, breastfeeding, raising a young family or a high performance athlete with specific energy demands.


  • 60mins consultation with Dr Martyn to address any medical or health concerns prior to making changes to your diet

    • includes a follow up email summarizing the discussion and an agreed action plan

  • Personalised coaching with Liz on optimising your diet to include more whole plant foods and creating an environment around you that leads to long term success.

This includes

  • 45mins consultation to re-create your food environment including hacks to take success in this with you wherever you go

  • an email summary of discussed goals and actions together with any resources that are relevant to your circumstances

  • email follow up 2 weeks later to check your progress.

"My session with Liz was a very interesting one. She showed tremendous patience and genuine interest in my situation.I found her questions to be very interesting and helped me to dig deep to find an answer and solutionize. She was non-judgmental and got me thinking in ways I never thought possible. Thanks Liz"


Transitioning to Whole Food Plant Based nutrition coaching
Consult Bundle
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